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Underneath my sexy man, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021


Is where I love to be

Allowing him to savagely love all

over me

Using his hands and his mouth,

infiltrating my body, staking his

claim so greedily

His massive hands planted

between my thighs, grabbing

and squeezing, having me moan

and sigh, feeling so good,

bringing tears to my eyes

High off his touches and his

wonderful kisses

Craving his mouth on all

my orifices

Loving his strength when

he grabs me by the neck,

always a prelude

to great fucking sex

And I yearn for it, can’t get

enough of it, he got me nearly

begging for it

Just the sight of it, just the

smell of it, just the touch of it,

got me craving it

Just a taste please, maybe a

small bite

I could go on with him all night

I just want to reacquaint

myself with that feeling in

my mouth

Looking forward to his flavor,

don’t matter if he’s salty or


I just want his loving to infiltrate me

and all the pleasure I

know it’ll bring me

Just as you do for me, I want

to please you

Have you calling out my name

as I do you

I’ll take my time, I’ll go nice

and slow, start from the base

and gently blow

I’ll lick it, twirl my tongue

around it, take a long deep

sip of it, then look in your eyes

before I spit on it

You won’t regret it, I’ll make

sure of it.

Tabitha 💋: 6/29/21: 11:05pm

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