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Hey book lovers, welcome to “Reigning Words Book Reviews”. This will not be your ordinary book review blog and book club. 

Access our Book Review Blog and be introduced to new books, new authors, and thorough and honest reviews.

And for those looking for a deeper dive into the reviewed book, once a week, you are welcome to join our book club our FaceBook group page called “Reigning Words Book Review Lounge”.  We engage in intimate discussions, where we share our thoughts and many laughs. 

The goal of Reigning Words is to offer a space where you can be proud of being a bibliophile, feel good about being a mature woman exploring your sexy side, and create lasting friendships.  I promise you good book reviews and engaging conversations.

This site is a haven, created by a book lover and writer.  Come here to relax and feel connected to the beautiful words flowing through the pages of a book and enjoy poetry and written stories that will engage, entice, liberate, elevate, and transform you.  But most of all, fill your inner being with enjoyment and pleasure.

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