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Its My Time, By Mansa Olu

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

It’s My Time…

I think about my mistakes,

Contemplate on my ways to go for another take,

It's a little like a meditative state.

It's my time to make something happen

So I put in work behind the scenes

If only you could see; sometimes I feel like I overthink.

I clear my head, the silence helps me think.

It's my time to put words into action.

I'm setting things in motion, and trying to avoid the distractions.

I have to keep away from the temptation of inaction.

I'm making progress, and I'm getting better.

As the seasons change, I'm reaching for my sweater.

New season, same mission.

It's my time to change my condition,

As I reach to ascension, while upholding tradition.

It's my time to put myself into a new position.

I've made this decision,

I won't be afraid to charge straight through to my vision.


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