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Easy like Sunday Morning, By Sophia Louis

Easy like a sunday morning

This love that shines so bright

Peaceful as all that is above

Can you feel what I feel

Can you see what I see

I will never be afraid to love you so deeply

Waking up to your light snores and arms

Wrapped around my body so tightly.

Can you hear what I hear,

The Heavens singing in delight

As their residents look down upon us.

Our love

Easy like a sunday morning

Light breeze kissing our skin

Pulling us closer to each other;

Yawns and cuddles and “would you like some breakfast”

Can you smell what I smell

This lovely aroma of you cooking up our love

Feeding us each other

And seeing us for who we are

Baby, our love is everything and more.

Admiration and


The physical and spiritual

And emotionally, diving into the depths of each other

And mentally, on the same page.

Baby, I wish to wake up next to you every sunday morning.


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