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I’m Tabitha and I am a lover of words, written, spoken, or sung, doesn’t matter.  I have been fascinated by words since I understood the English language.  The intricate beauty of how words are linked together to tell a story has provided me solace and comfort throughout many trying times, laughter and joy when there was sorrow and pain, and an escape to wonderful worlds of fantasy when life seemed mundane.

I am a lover of books: books of all genres.  I believe every word that is written frees the writer and fulfills the reader. They  provide purpose and meaning paving a liberating path for the writer and bringing enlightenment and joy to the reader.

Reigning Words was created for that sole purpose: to join like-minded book lovers, self-proclaimed poets, and writers to share themselves intimately through their thoughts and their written words without fear.

So feel comfortable and…

  • wear your pajamas or dress in silk and corsets as you write your own poem or short story fantasy OR

  • play your mellow and soothing music while you prepare one of the listed succulent recipes  OR

  • get naked, soak in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, while you enjoy one of the selected review books, poems, and/or short erotic stories OR

  • light your candles and meditate on a daily reflection

Its your time and your choice.  Just relax and enjoy.

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