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"Loneliness to Loneliness" By, Tabitha

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

By chance our paths crossed

Your gentle heart reaching

out to embrace mine

Golden eyes, reflecting

innocence and speaking truths

“Looking for a friend, someone

to love me”

Vulnerability revealed in

every word

His words opening internal

dark rooms and inviting light

Tentatively I stretch my hand

out to his and allow my heart

to breathe in his calm and peace

But I feel his loneliness, I feel

his yearning

And it calls to that inner me

who desires that same loving feeling

To be loved. To be adored.

To be treasured and desired.

So I grasp his plea, turn into

the wanting and take a leap

of faith

I hold onto him for life and

he the lifesaver

Hopeful, inspired, open to

all the possibilities

And as I turn into his beautiful

face and breathe in his scent,

he calls to the dormant

corners of my flesh, my stark

carnal desires

For skin to skin, lips to lips,

tongue to tongue

Intwined and bound

For the mingling of arms

and thighs embracing and

clinging desperately

Inviting him to see, to touch,

to taste the beauty of my body

As I exhale in quiet relief as

loneliness leaves me


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