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Doing the Damn Thing, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I see you baby

In all your morning glory

Standing tall and salutin’ me

I love that respect you show me

I love the attention you give me

You so damn fly, face smooth

like peanut butter, lips thick

and juicy, I just want to suck

on them baby

And that well trimmed beard,

healthy and full, can I grab it

and tug, run my finger

through it?

I just wanna play with

you baby

You were made from a

different cloth baby, too fine

for words

chest broad and chiseled,

wash board tight, I just wanna

play a song on you baby, use

my fingertips and fiddle and

twist on those nipples baby,

maybe take a lick

Yeah, can you feel it? That

sexual energy in the air

You fire baby and leaving

smoke, but I ain’t running,

burn me baby, make me

sizzle man, I can handle it

And you know I’m looking with

eyes wide open at that

beautiful thang of a thang

just between those legs just

hanging out and chillin

Just waiting for me right?

Waiting for me to take a

swing, lean in and hold on

tight, ride it like a bull, I’m

fighting this thang tonight

I ain’t afraid because it’s

big and thick and long and shit

Didn’t you show me all your


to keep me upright and

posturing as I slick and

slide from left to right

I gotchu boo, I’m holding

on even though my legs

are weak

You workin’ me over baby,

you ain’t never been lazy,

using those boards and thighs,

pulling out those guns to

hold me tight

And don’t forget your lips,

applying all those kisses to

both set of my lips. Yeah, you

doing the long trip but I’m wit it

Baby, yes yes baby, work it

baby work it

You ain’t never lied, you got

me calling out your name,

making my toes rearrange

You already know, this right

here ain’t never been the same

So take what you need baby

and give me what I crave,

it’s just you baby all the way

You didn’t think I’d leave

you hanging?

You handled me so let me

repay the favor

Lay down, relax, put your hands

behind your back

Let me get up close and personal

with your friend, he know

me well. “Hey, I’m back. thank you

for all that.”

So let me just sniff it,

better yet, let me just lick

it, apply a little suction and pull it

Open just wide enough and grip it

Yeah, I feel that tremble vibrating

Through the shaft of it

You like that King? Am I doing

the damn thang?

Oh, you ready to let off some

steam, cover the interior and

make things wet? Go for it baby,

I’m set. Whew! We worked it.

We loved it.

Our hearts still beating for it

And yeah, ain’t nobody able

to replace this

Tabitha 💋:10/6/21:12am

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