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Body Music, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Ahh, I caught you looking

Was I not supposed to see?

All that beautiful chocolate

Staring back at me

Temptation with a smile

Served up just for me

How could I ignore those


spread across that face?

I mean, damn you fine, can I

have a taste?

Just a small bite, pull on that

bottom lip

Apply some suction

and take a sip

Ok, I admit, I want more

Can I see it? Do you mind?

Take it out, let me see

Whew! Is that all for me?

Can I hold it? Make music

with it?

Slide my fingers along

the ridges and

squeeze it?

You don’t mind if I put it

right here?

Seems like it will be a

perfect fit.

Wait, take your time, let it


We got all night, this ain’t

no race

Apply some pressure, a

little push and pull

Hold on, let me help you


Right there, that’s it. That’s

the spot

Now back up just a little

and let

me drop it like it’s hot

This is nice, we creating

body music

Loving this physical rhythm

Me and you grooving’ to this

electric feeling

Let me wind it up, let me

make it sing

Press that release button

and make you rain

We got all night, hours of

dancing and groovin’ between

these sheets

Just let me be your private


let me put you to sleep

Tabitha 💋:9/3/21, 1:42am

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