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Let Me, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Baby, you’ve had a long day You’ve worked the hell out that work you doNow your home, just let me love on youDon’t worry about a damn thingLet me serve you my black king Let me take off your clothes Let me rub you downAllow the tension to leaveyour body, let the energy flow Then I’ll run your bath, let you have a long soakI’ll wash every inch of you from head to toeStep into our bedroom and lay across the bed Let me dry you off from your feet to your head Add my hands to your beautiful flesh and oil your mahogany skin with our special blend Now you should be relaxed and feeling at easeLet me love on you. My sweetness, my kingLet me take your sweet lips into my mouth, lick them from north to southKiss down your chest, lickand bite on your nipples, swirl my tongue untilthey peakAs I gyrate against you, cause your body to heatI’ll take your manhood in my hands and gently squeeze Stroke you tenderly then aggressively Apply a little pressure, then releaseI’m just getting you right for meI love the look on your face, the lust in your eyes Make me feel good to know your mine As I’m pleasing you, I’m aroused tooCan’t wait to slowly slide down on youI hear you panting andcalling my nameBaby just let me taste it before I go insane Just that saltiness satisfies my greedNow baby, let me climb and mount you, like you love me to doLet me bounce on it, twist on it, slide across it, rub againstit, then just be stillLet that thing pulse inside me,let you get your fillNow let me lean back on it, get the right angle on it, make sure it’s hitting that spotAnd ride your ass until you take your shotClose your eyes and just rest in meDon’t worry, I’ll clean you up when you fall asleepTabitha💋:10/4/21:11pm

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