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The Sweetest Kiss, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Life has a way of making you go back in time and reminisce about the moments that had an impact on your life. My thoughts take me back to the sweetest and most sensuous kiss I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. That one time is embedded in my mind forever.

He was my friend from college. We met in a shared class. We hit it off immediately. He was funny and outspoken, and I was just that quiet type just looking for a friend. He sat next to me and said hello. I turned and looked him square in the face and smiled. He had such a beautiful face. His dimples were deep, his eyes light brown and expressive, and his mouth was luscious and sensuous.

He captured me in his spell. He asked my name and I told him. He told me his. From that moment on we were inseparable. But he was a friend. He saw me as a friend. But truth be told, I always had a crush on him. Everything about him I adored. He was smart, funny, engaging, kind, thoughtful, and he treated me like a queen, but, again, a friend.

Two years in and we still were rocking together as friends. Not one day went by that I did not think of him and want him as more than a friend. I was afraid to go there. He never showed me any signs that he saw me as anything but as a friend. So, I did not want to mess up that friendship venturing into territory that was off limits.

But one Saturday as we spent time together, laughed, and enjoyed each other, there was a shift in us. It was a small shift, but I felt it and I know he did also.

We sat in his room, watching a movie and a love scene came on. Now, we’ve watched numerous movies together with erotic love scenes, but it was something about this scene that had us both shuffling in our seats. As I watched the screen, I felt his eyes on the side of my face. It was making me nervous, so I turned to him and said, “What?” He just smiled and said, “I want to kiss you.” I could only stare at him and then murmured, “Huh?” He laughed, touched my cheek and said, “I want to kiss you. You must know I want you. Two years hiding my feelings, I can’t keep it up anymore. Everything about you I want. Do you want me?” I was so shocked; all I could do was shake my head vigorously. He laughed and reached for my hand.

I placed my hand in his and we stood. He walked me to the wall closest to the door. He pressed my back to the wall. He stepped into my space and lifted my hands above my head against the wall. He entwined his fingers with mine, leaned in and captured by bottom lip between his teeth and gently ran his tongue across my lip. As he sampled, he moaned. He then moved his lips to capture my top lip and sucked on it slowly. This time I moaned, and I closed my eyes. He pulled back slightly, looked me in the eyes and then placed his lips on top of mine and kissed me softly. He leaned his forehead on mine, took a deep breath, and sighed. Jackson stepped back, pulled my hands down from above my head and walked me back to the couch. We sat and continued to watch the movie.

That was day one for us. We’ve kissed many times since that day but that first kiss can’t be duplicated. It was a kiss that expressed our pent-up love and desire. A kiss that expressed, in the moment, a yearning for something bigger and better. He was my bigger, he was my better. Tabitha 💋: 6/29/21: 11:05pm

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