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Oh What A Train Ride, By Tabitha

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

It was a hot summer evening. As I stood on the A-Train platform at 125th St. waiting for the Brooklyn bound train, I wished for home. I had a long day and I was tired. I needed food, a shower, and my bed. Surprisingly, there was no one on the platform. As I stood alone, I heard footfalls on the stairs. I turned in that direction and my eyes landed on a man I can only call “dark chocolate”. My eyes traveled the length of him from his caesar-fade haircut to his Tim’s clad feet. He was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. My mouth was wide open. I hoped I wasn’t drooling because I was frozen in my spot. This man was so fine, I would easily surrender all couth and sensibilities to him. And I wasn’t ashamed to say it. He was easily 6‘3“. The complexion of dark espresso coffee, skin smooth and unblemished with deep dimples in both cheeks. A radiant smile displaying teeth as white as snow. His lips were dark and sensual, slightly bowed on top and he wore a pair of gray sweats and a white V-neck T-shirt which accentuated every bulging muscle on his arms and chest. Damn. Damn. Damn. He was beautiful. That’s all I could process, as I continued to stare and he continued to walk directly towards me. Oh, shit! I hope I’m not drooling. As he walked towards me, he bit down on his bottom lip then licked it. And yes, my dumb ass was still mesmerized. He had me messed up. My eyes were transfixed on him and his sexy swagger. Damn! His parents have got to be some gorgeous people. Just random shit was running through my mind. He came to stand directly in front of me, removed his hands from his pocket and placed them in front of him as he unconsciously licked those thick ass lips again. I knew at that very moment I wanted to lick his lips. I wanted to see if he tasted sweet. I wanted to outline his lips with my tongue and then suck on them. I wanted to explore the inside of his mouth wondering if we would be a perfect fit, hoping we would be a perfect fit, needing us to be a perfect fit. I boldly stepped forward, lifted my finger up and ran it across his bottom lip. I then placed my finger in my mouth and sucked. Yeah, he tasted sweet. He smiled down at me, removed the remaining space between us, then encircled my waist with his left arm, pulling me flush with the front of his body. He lean forward and place those sexy ass lips on mine. A moan escaped from my throat as he kissed me slowly, softly and sensually . There was no urgency in his manipulation of my mouth. His tongue was long and it reached every crevice inside of my mine. Oh, the thoughts that ran through my head wondering what that tongue could do between my legs. My head was spinning with this kiss. A kiss never felt so sensual and hot. I wanted this stranger. As I stood on that platform in his arms, I knew he was the one that would make me do freaky things. There was no thought of decorum, no shame and no remorse. I felt his hard erection against my belly. I stuck my hand into the front of his sweatpants and gently held him. It was gloriously long and thick, smooth to the touch, and weighted in my hands. I applied some pressure and stroked him. He groaned into my mouth. He removed my hands from his pants, and palmed my ass, lifting me up. As he continued to assault my mouth, my hands circled his neck and my legs encircled his waist. He pushed me against the platform column and pressed the imprint of his erection into my center. God that felt so good. My body was vibrating with excitement and lust. He dry humped me against the column and I continued to moan and hiss in his mouth. We forgot we were on a platform, in a public place. We only saw each other and felt our desire spiraling out of control, until we heard the train approaching the station. He pulled me off the column, I released my legs from around his waist, and he placed my feet back down on the platform. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and straightened my clothes. He adjusted his penis in his sweats. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and put in his password. He handed it to me and I placed my number in it. He took the phone and called me. He grabbed my neck, pulled me in, and took my breath away with his final kiss. And then he just walked away. I stood there breathing heavily. I pulled my phone out, pulled up his number and added his name, “Dark Chocolate”. I smiled to myself and whispered, “until next time, until next time”

Tabitha 💋: 6/29/21: 11:05pm

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