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Autumn, A Love Story by Norian Love ( Book Review, By Tabitha)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Genre: Urban Romance. Rating: 5/5

Pleasantly surprised. A refreshing love story. Two people that eased into friendship and fell into the comfort and wonder of love. The story brought a smile to my heart because he captured the essence of love finding you when you least expect it.

Autumn Elders-a talented artist who allows daddy issues and self-doubt stifle her career goals. At one of her lowest points, she meets Tatum Clarke

Tatum “Reverend “ Clarke is a struggling graduate student in pharmacy school raising his son, Solomon, on his own as he works to create a better life for them.

An unpleasant first meeting between the two is the start of a friendship that builds slowly into a lasting love.

Now you may say, “It’s just another love story”.

I would agree it’s a love story but not just another one. Mr. Love has managed to make their journey whimsical and spiritual. He has captured the meaning of being soulmates in between the pages.

Mr. Love has introduced us to multidimensional/ multilayered characters that are open and transparent, vulnerable and needy. He weaves a story of heartache and pain, friendship, lost love, and happiness with joyful new beginnings. But it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Love shows us black love at its finest and the true meaning of “ride and die”. And the lovemaking hot and sensual.

There are twists and turns and moments when you cry and laugh, sometimes at the same time. Mr. Love eloquently portrays two souls destined to be one. Such a delightful and inspiring story. Well done Mr. Love.

I highly recommend this book.

Tabitha 💋: 6/29/21: 11:05pm

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