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The End Game ( Book Review, By Tabitha)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

BOOK 2, in Ms. Lyse’s The Sun Series. I can only shake my head. Everything her first book was and more. It’s just remarkable that a new author drops not one, but two gems. How’d you do that?

Ms. Lyse introduces us to 20-year-old, Josiah “Jo” Joseph, cousin to Dominic DeBlanc and football extraordinaire.

love story of two young adults. She takes us on this tumultuous love affair of two looking and needing love to fill their voids. But as always, love, though is the key it’s not always the glue that keeps relationships together.

Ms. Lyse explores the blossoming friendship and love between Josiah and Jade and all the challenges that are presented that put that love in jeopardy.

Passionate and complex characters are grafted with care. Ms. Lyse masterfully birth intriguing and attractive characters that pull at your heartstrings. Josiah, although young has the spirit and heart of an old soul and Jade, the loyalty and dedication of a disciple. You find yourself cheering for these two. And just as complicated their love, it’s played out in the passion of their sex. Josiah is dominant, aggressive, and possessive during loving making, yet giving. He’s comforted by Jade’s submissive and needy love. To be this young with so much passion, shit I learned a thing or two.

Ms. Lyse’s writing style is phenomenal; it’s gripping, engaging, and persuasive. I look forward to more from her. Read book 1 also. You can follow her on Instagram at @raelysebooks


Tabitha 💋: 6/29/21: 11:05pm

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